Sexual Harassment Prevention BUNDLE

Train both your Non-Supervisory AND Supervisory Employees
This bundles includes the one-hour Non-Supervisory and the two-hour Supervisory versions of our Sexual Harassment Prevention training so all your employees can be trained with our most cost-effective option. Both versions are 100% compliant with California laws. Once employees complete their training, they must re-train every two years. New employees must be trained within six months of hire.

  • Access to both the non-supervisory and the supervisory training

  • Includes the one-hour training for non-supervisory and two-hour training for supervisory personnel, per California law

  • Interactive, with questions throughout to ensure your employee is fully participating

  • Certificate of completion available immediately after training

  • Attendees have continued access to their profiles and certificate(s)

  • Note: The week/month of unlimited use begins as soon as your purchase is complete. (It's better to let us upload your group!)

  • Email us your questions or special training request

  • This training is provided by a certified HR Consultant.

Pricing options

Download Our Forms

Download the SIGN-IN SHEET if you plan to do the training as a group in one room. This qualifies as proof of training for those employees.  Sign-In Sheet.pdf

Download the GROUP TEMPLATE FOR UPLOADS if you want us to upload your employees so we can track their progress. Just complete and email the completed form to us.  GroupTemplate for Uploads.xlsx